Wee Irish Pub Can be Hired for Homesick Paddies


Wee Irish pub: A mobile Irish pub is now available for hire… and the good news is that it can be delivered to your house! The bad news is that it is only available in America. But with Paddy’s Day fast approaching, this is just what the Irish diaspora in the U.S. needs!

Goodbye Covid, Hello Social Life

After a long year of social distancing, it’s time to celebrate being together. A way homesick Irish people in America can do this is to hire the Wee Irish Pub. It is an authentic Irish Pub that looks and feels like being in an Irish Cottage. It is complete with a bar ready for you to serve your guests’ favourite beverages. The difference? The Pub comes to you. The 100+ square foot pub is designed to be mobile to be delivered to a home or other venue.

The Creators

The Wee Irish Pub was created by Craig and Matt Taylor, two brothers from the area. “We’ve had a tremendous response to the pub,” says co-owner Craig Taylor. “It really seems to make a connection with people searching for a unique experience.”

In addition to traditional Irish Pub décor, the Wee Irish Pub comes complete with a bar, barback, taps for kegs, a small refrigerator, and seating for 8-10 friends or more. “Entering the pub really feels like you are being transported to a small Irish village tavern” says co-owner Matt Taylor.

To serve your favourite brew, you can either hire a bartender or serve your guests yourself.

The pub is perfect for driveway parties, weddings, corporate gatherings, or other events where members of the diaspora would like to create a unique and memorable experience. Let the good times roll.